Understanding Keto Diet Foods Composition for Better Diet Result

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Different kind of diet have different system which usually covers the nutrition regulation; which food is allowed to come into the body and which one is not. Some types of diet combine the eating habit revolution with its typical exercise. This various diet programs are emerging because of the fact that there is no one universal diet program that can work for all people, simply because the needs for each person is different. For instance, keto diet is suitable for people who either want to lose weight or just want to maintain the ideal shape and weight. To achieve the goal everyone committed keto diet will be helped through the keto diet foods arrangement which is consists of 70 – 80 percent fat, 10-15% protein, and less than 10% of carbohydrates.


Keto Diet Foods
Keto Diet Foods


  • Keto Weight Loss Story

Such food combination is working for some people who wants to reduce their weight scale. The idea of keto food combination is that changing the ‘fuel’ for the body which usually coming from carbohydrate, now it is changed into fats. Therefore, the main composition of keto diet foods is fat. This eating habit slowly will ‘unpack’ the fat that previously in our body already. Thus, the fat in our body will slowly burnt and with the help from regular exercise we will get an ideal. The average weight loss ketosis is different from one person to other. Depend on the ideal goal they want to achieve. There is one who can reduce the body weight up to 40 kilograms in one month. After tagging along with obesity for years, this person finally finds the suitable way to overcome the obesity. Staying along with keto diet foods and regular exercise such as cycling and running, finally he met the ideal body weight for him.

  • Vegetarian Keto Diet

Seeing the food combination that fat takes the biggest part in keto diet, you may wonder o as vegetarian can you do it also? The answer is absolutely yes. Keto diet vegetables is very possible. The fat that takes almost 80% can be fulfilled from other source than meat. You can take the fat from plants and seeds. keep bunch of avocado and various seed and nut to fulfil your nutrition. Don’t forget to provide green veggies in your fridge. It will be the main ingredient for green smoothie, salad, or your snack. Keep bunch of spinach, broccoli, lettuce, kale, tomato, and their friend in your vegetables box. As long as you are trying to follow the main guide of the keto diet nutrition ratio, you will get satisfying ketogenic diet results.

  • Keto Diet and The Diner Myth

Diner become such a monster especially for those who do diet. Some people believe that taking big meal for diner will significantly increase weight. In keto diet, diner and lunch can have interchangeable portion. Meaning that if you take a big portion (in calories) for lunch your diner should be light. Typical keto recipes diner is such as veggies salad, veggies burger, or something heavier such as tuna casserole, or mi-so salmon. Again the point is on the calories and balance nutrition, not on the omitting one meal.

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