Tips on Doing 30 Day Keto Diet

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If you are now looking for an effective diet program, keto diet may be your choice to gain ideal weight you dream about. Among other diet programs, this diet is considered as the easy and effective one so that many people have chosen this diet program to conduct. Several of them have succeeded in eleven months, four months, and even a month! Don’t you believe that? Keto diet can really work within short period of time, under certain circumstances of course. Thus, here we will together compile the information you need to make you easier gaining your ideal weight within only 30 days. These are tips on doing 30 day keto diet. Let’s check them out!

First of all, we need to understand first the definition of this diet we are going to practice. What is keto diet? The term of keto diet may have been familiar to you. Or is it not? Well, ketogenic diet or in short is usually called keto diet, is one of the diet programs which point out in consuming low carb food daily. The other names of this diet are LCHF (low carb high fat) or low carb diet. Those names really represent of what contains inside this diet program. It takes a lot onto food consuming in which the focus is reducing the carbohydrates we eat.

30 Day Keto Diet
30 Day Keto Diet


  • Does Keto Diet Work?

Before answering that question, we can go to second-of-all thing about how this keto diet works. Why is the nutrition reduced carbohydrate and not another one? We have to understand that the carbs we eat will make our body produce glucose and insulin. The more we eat carbs, the more those two things will appear on the blood. Glucose will be the first choice to convert into energy because this molecule is the easiest one to transform. Then, the insulin also will help glucose producing when there is no pure glucose detected coming from the food. Insulin takes the glucose into our bloodstream as well.

Does Keto Diet Work
Does Keto Diet Work

As we always consume carbs everyday, our energy also comes from the carbs as it is the first choice of energy source. The fats that we also consume a lot per day will have no use and that will always be there under our skin to make our body weight bigger and bigger. For that case, pushing the additional carbs to our body is really important to stop in order to make our fats as the main energy source. By understanding this analogy, I hope we will be easier to avoid any kind of high carb food.

Besides consuming low carbs food, this diet also pays attention on consuming high fat food. Is that real? The answer is absolutely yes. Yet the fat is coming from the healthy foods such as red-meat and not from those known as saturated fats. The use of high fat consumed is to create the state of ketosis. This is believed as a natural process that happens on our body when the consumption of our primary food, especially carbs, is low. The ketosis state will produce ketones which are believed as the the result of fats breakdown done in the liver. Those ketones will be the new energy source that replace the position of glucose. So, the metabolic system of this diet will be under the starvation of carbs, not calories, as what we know from most of the diet programs before.

We cannot deny that this kind of diet will be suitable to anyone who would like to try. Dr. Oz keto diet explanation also brings this case up by giving the title of the show whether or not this keto diet is right for you. That shows, however, that this diet cannot suit to anyone. So, although it is said that anyone can do it, choosing the most appropriate one by considering your suitability will be much safer to your diet program. But if you think this is suitable for your body and dare to try it out, you may want to know how keto diet results have worked for several of the people. Hope this will increase your spirit and strengthen your willingness.

Dr. Oz Keto Diet
Dr. Oz Keto Diet
Keto Diet Results
Keto Diet Results


  • Before and After Keto Diet Success Stories

Several people who have succeeded on their diet have shared their stories that this diet really worked on them. First we will meet Meagan. She got an incredible result on the first week training. She lost 12 lbs or about 5 kilogram only in a week by practicing ketogenic diet. Not only bringing betterment to her body, this diet also made her better in thinking, she experienced keto flu as well but she pushed it trough because she had a faith that this diet would not disappoint her trying.

Second, there is Liz. This beautiful girl had transformed from 162 lbs or about 73.5 kilograms into 128 lbs or around 58 kilograms. That result appeared only within a month. She admitted that the loss of her weight brought a positive change to her energy level. She also said that her change was completed by brighter skin and stronger nails. Don’t you want to have these many positive impacts at once?

Before And After Keto Diet
Before And After Keto Diet

The next story is coming from Katrina. She has been two years doing keto diet and the result is marvelous. She lost 198 pounds or about 90 kilogram of her weight! She was an addict to sugar and carbs. But she chose to change that bad habit and tried to not allow food ruled her thought. She was pleasure of high fat food keto diet suggested. “I’m not constantly hungry,” she said.


The last one is from Mickella. One interesting from her is she started her keto diet while she was still on wheelchair. She has just done surgery at that time and decided to start dieting keto. She lost until 90 pounds or about 40 kilograms within months. For her, doing keto diet did not really take so much effort. She just needed to manage what she ate and focus on the healthier foods as daily consumption.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If now you decide to change your diet program or even you just want to start your first time diet, I suggest you to follow how keto diet on a budget will give an effective solution since this diet is considered to be more expensive than other diet programs. The suggestion to eat high fat foods clearly supports my previous statement, because healthy fat foods mostly come from red meats which the price is normally more expensive than carbs food.

When there is a will, there is a way. Here are several tips to do keto diet on a budget within 30 days. In case of saving money, these tips will help you a lot. The very first step you need to do is looking for special discounts and offers. I know this chance does not come every day or every week. Yet try to get your opportunity once you go to the supermarket. If you get it, then that is time for you to take actions in grabbing them. Usually, the discount is given for meats which are close to the expired dates. Don’t worry. Once you buy them, you can save them into the fridge. That means you can cook it later for your next days menu. Another offer is also there in type of ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’. This can be applied for several types of foods so that you can grab it as what states on your shopping list.


Yes, your shopping list is really important to control your buying. Make sure you have written anything that you want for your weekly keto diet menu. Do not only bring that shopping list on your pocket. Hold it as you step and make it as your map, guidance to where you step on your feet. If not, your eyes will take over the control. And that will be the start of a disaster coming to your financial.

Keto Diet Menu
Keto Diet Menu

Buying all the foods you need will be followed by an action to cook them by yourself as well. That is a correct next tips that I actually want to give. Buying foods regularly will cost you more and it is better to cook your own food in your lovely kitchen. You may need a keto diet cookbook to help if cooking is not really something you usually do. Moreover, the healthy food sold outside is quiet rare nowadays. Thus, it is easier to maintain your daily need of food based on keto diet menu with your own hands.


  • Choosing Snacks for Keto Diet

Practicing keto diet may not cause to feel hungry. But snacking is again about habit. Those who used to have snacks every day will still look for it since they cannot leave it right away. And that is not a problem for this keto diet. There are various choices you can take as your healthy snacks while doing keto diet. The snacks are divided into two big classifications: ready-to-eat and homemade snacks.

The choices of ready-to-eat snack that you can take as a choice such as beef jerky, string cheese, nuts or seeds, unsweetened dark chocolate, seaweed snacks, laughing cow cheese, cocoa nibs, avocados, sardines, pepperoni slices, kale chips, quest bars, sugar-free jello, and macadamia nuts. Others may be added to that list but under circumstances that I will tell here later.

The keto diet snacks that are categorized homemade are widely available. The options are based on what you want to make. You can also do your own creativity besides the options of homemade keto snacks as follows: veggie sticks, bacon, fat bombs, cheese dips, pizza, taco rolls, keto chips, low carb finger food sandwiches, cold cut meats and cheese, cauliflower crust, keto fries, bacon wrapped, keto pate, lettuce wraps, salad, bone broth, berry ice cream, popsicles, keto frappucino, keto smoothie, chocolate mousse, and keto cookies. Those are only the options to boost your homemade keto snacks. You can modify each of that snack menu to be as healthy as possible or depends on your ingredients available.

Keto Diet Snacks
Keto Diet Snacks

Do not forget to pay attention that not all keto snacks are not created to be healthy. What is approved as low carb snacks do not always mean keto approved. Sometimes, low carb snack still contains unnecessary ingredients which will increase our blood sugar and contains too high protein as well. Based on keto snack criteria, those two characteristics are clearly refused because protein can cause the activity of insulin. We have to remember the keto diet breakdown of nutrient. Around 70 to 80% must contain of fat, 20 – 25% of protein and less than 10% of carbs.

Remember also that those percentages of each aspect, the exact amount you should eat, depend as well on your body detail condition. Through internet, we now can easily measure it with keto diet calculator based on the information we have. Not much to fill, we only need to type out about six kinds of information to know the accurate keto nutrition profile of ours. The aspects important are gender (female or male), height and weight (available in lbs, feet, and inches), our age, body fat percentage, activity level (sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active), deficit or surplus (lose weight, maintain, gain muscle). Then there will appear carbs and protein we should consume daily, complete with the fats and calories.

Keto Diet Calculator
Keto Diet Calculator


  • Tips for Successful Keto Diet

Many people still consider that this diet is extremely restrictive. That assumption is coming with a question how to stand on it within several weeks or even months. It is no secret that to start a new activity is not easy, especially something that changes our habits, including diet of course. Conducting any diet will make you sacrifice your favorite foods and push you to get used to it. At first, that must be not easy. Yet as time goes by, that new habit will bring betterment to our body and we will feel great upon it. That is because the diet conducted relates directly to healthier way of life. So, do not waste your time for only questioning. Grab your chance to be a apart of this incredible diet program.

  1. Having a food scale

Keto diet is about measuring the food we consume properly. In order to make sure the accuracy, a food scale in the kitchen is the crucial tool that must be there. Having no food scale will make you measure your food as you wish and that is not what keto diet wants from you. You may add the peanut butter as if that was a spoonful, but in fact you may add almost two teaspoons which must be over than it should be. As opposites, by having this one tool, you will be pleased to always counting the food you are going to consume as well as knowing the carbs or calories within it.

The food scale you buy must contain conversation button. Actually we can easily check the measurement conversion through the facility of internet. But doing that when you are in a kitchen is not as easy as when you are in the working room. It will be much easier to have the conversion button right on the food scale we buy, no internet connection needed. Then, what you need as well to be there on your food scale are automatic shutoff, tare function, and removable plate to keep its cleanness by regularly washing the main plate to place the food.

  1. Finding Carbohydrate Alternatives

For some people, carbs food is their favorite which is difficult to leave at one action totally. We can reduce consuming it little by little but in keto diet the faster we avoid it, the better result we will gain afterward. The solution for that case is finding the alternative. As the example, if you do love spaghetti, you can change into noodle providing low carbs to consume. For any food, try to find the alternatives so that you will feel eating the same food but with the different nutrient and taste.

For those who love to drink a cup of coffee or tea, dairy may not be left in order to give richer taste to each of the cup. If that has become the favorite of tea or coffee serve, who can change? Thus, to keep the delicious taste, try to change your usual milk with heavy whipping cream. This one alternative may work well and taste the same on coffee. For the tea, that may be too strong. Other alternatives to replace are calorie countdown, soy milk, or almond milk. Choose the most appropriate for you. Other things also pay the same rule of finding the alternatives.

  1. Doing Exercise More

Although this diet program relies on the high fat foods as its main point, the additional action to support cannot be forgotten. Almost all kinds of diet requires this thing to conduct regularly, including keto diet. The reason behind it is because doing exercise will help in using the glucose bank inside the body. If glycogen has been no left out and no carbs to replace, the fats will take apart and ketosis will run as a metabolic system. Doing more exercises will make the impact of this higher. The system will run continuously and as the plus point you can also build your muscle besides losing your weight.

  1. Staying Hydrated

Consuming enough mineral water is absolutely important in doing any kind of diet program. Keto diet also requires that a lot. Staying hydrated will keep the body metabolism in a stable condition. That also can be a solution to hunger problems. In case of having no appropriate food to consume, drinking much water will help. That will fulfill your stomach at the time and cost no expensive at all.

  1. Getting Enough Sleep

Enough sleeping is really important for body cell regeneration, hormone function, and the right time for body repairing. Having not enough sleeping at night will give bad effect on blood sugar regulation. The proper time to sleep is around seven hours. Less than that duration, you need to prepare your bed time more seriously. Shutting down all the electronic devices and turning off the room lamp may help you in increasing your sleeping quality. If you cannot sleep in the dark, then use sleeping mask to keep you from over light. Good luck for your 30 day keto diet!

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