Review and Arrange Your Keto Diet Plan for Healthier Lifestyle

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Seeing your scale needle is moving on the right direction is not the thing you want to experience. This thing may inspire you to take some actions in order to get your ideal weight and more importantly to get your fit health. Overweight condition may drag you into the condition in which you will easily feel tired and your body feels so heavy. Thus, taking a suitable diet plan is a good solving way. If your nutritionist suggests you to have keto diet way, you need to start arranging your keto diet plan. Diet plan will help you to maintain your progress during the process, since doing diet means changing your life style not only a temporal fasting but more focusing on more permanent lifestyle change.


Keto Diet Plan
Keto Diet Plan


Your nutritionist may tell you already about the keto diet basic rule. So the point is to lower (even omit) your carbo so that your body who usually burns glucose to fulfill your energy will take out the fat and burns it out. This change might infect your body condition for some times to minimize the negative impact of the shift lifestyle you need to carefully review and arrange your keto diet food list. Communicate with your nutritionist to check about how many calories that you need a day, and after that start to arrange your keto diet menu.


3 – Day Keto Kickstart Diet Plan Recommendation

People say the hardest time is the start time, so you need a little bit more attention on the start of your keto diet plan. This is a recommendation of keto diet menu. You can follow it for the beginning with some adjustments, later on as the time goes by you can have your own favorite diet food list.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 1 Green smoothie (spinach, coconut milk, nuts, grass green powder). Provides around 380 cal. Steak salad (green salad, radishes, grape, 250 gram steak), around 500 cal. Garlic ghee pan-fried cod fish (4 cod fish fillet, ghee, minced garlic, a pinch of salt), serves 160 calories.
Day 2 Guacamole Egg about 370 calories Garlic bacon chicken bites for 20 cal Tuna salad with vegetables 480 calories
Day 3 Muffin (yes you read it right), 300 calories Salad with sardines in olive oil about 260 calories A bowl of beef curry for 440 calories.


The next day you can combine the menu or you can have your own diet food. The thing you need to pay attention of is the food ingredients. The keto food diet list is allowing you to eat all kind of vegetables, meat in limited portion weekly, any kind of fish and seafood, and very limited organ meats.  Avoid MSG and additional flavor in your meal. Use herbs and spices to cook.

Beware of the hidden sugar in the drink. Just go unsweetened or take the less sugar one. Some kind of peanut is allowed to be in your keto food list such as almond, hazelnut, pine nuts, walnuts, cashews, peas, and green beans.

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