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Seeing an over number of your body on scales must be something unpleasant which then drags you to do certain actions to make it ideal. Except that will make betterment on your appearance, gaining an ideal weight will also take you onto healthier body condition. That is something that you need to struggle on. So, do not only think about how difficult it is to do. More than that, think about the positive impacts you will get after struggling for that ideal number on your scales someday. Here we have complete help to ease you during your struggling time. This keto diet plan is arranged completely in making you easy to do every single step you need to pass. Meal plan, food and grocery lists, until certain recipes will be easily found from here. What you need to do is just reading and paying attention to these carefully.

Keto Diet Plan
Keto Diet Plan

Before going too far, I need to give several examples of success stories from people around the world. Hundreds of people have already proved that this diet is effective for them. One story is coming from Reddit who have lost about 5.5 stones or around 35 kilograms in eleven months! That transformation has made his body appearance looks much different. He, even, said that the change of his body weight has literally saved his life. He now can move easier to somewhere and his self confidence increases automatically. Other stories of keto diet before and after also happened to other people who several of them might gain the ideal weight only in less than four months! Do you want to be another one who creates your own keto diet success story?


Keto Diet Before And After
Keto Diet Before And After


Yet, one thing that you need to consider in deciding keto diet as your choice is whether this diet suits to your body or not. We know there are plenty of diet programs we can try and those are presented in different ways of practicing. Although keto diet plan has helped many people to realize the ideal body they want, that does not guarantee the same result on you. Try to understand every single thing related to the diet program you plan to and make sure that that is safe for your body condition as the whole and comfort to yourself. If once you have tried that does not work, do not hesitate to move into another diet program. This is for your own health and the maximal result you may gain in short period of time. Then, when you have thought that the best diet for your body is still keto diet, now get yourself ready to accept all the information you need to know in a comprehensive way of presenting.

  • Keto Diet Meal Plan within Three Days

This keto diet meal plan will be presented in detail for you within three days time duration. Any menu below has been set as detail as possible, from your breakfast, lunch, until dinner and snack. Yet, in case you cannot find it in your surrounding, you can change it to what easy for you to get. One point to hold as a consideration is: the nutrition contained. As long as the included nutrition is the same, you may go with the food you choose.

Day 1

For breakfast, you will have green smoothie contains 2 cups of spinach, a cup of coconut milk, 10 almonds, a scoop of grass green powder, and 2 brazil nuts. The nutrition counted of that menu is 380 calories, 30 gram fat, 13 gram carbohydrates, 3 gram sugar, 8 gram fiber, and 12 gram protein.

For lunch, steak salad will be perfect. It contains 75 gram salad greens, 4 sliced radishes, 7 grape, 250 gram steak, 60 ml gluten-free soy sauce, a spoon of olive oil, a half spoon of lemon juice and enough salt to taste. The nutrition information is 500 calories, 37 gram fat, 4 gram carbohydrates, 1 gram sugar, 2 gram fiber, and 33 gram protein.

For dinner, continue to garlic ghee pan-fried cod. that contains 4 cod filet, 3 spoons of ghee, 6 minced garlic, and salt. The nutrition is 160 calories, 7 gram fat, a gram of carbohydrate, 21 gram protein, zero sugar, and zero fiber.

Day 2

Your breakfast will be welcomed by guacamole eggs. This menu contains 3 eggs, a spoon of coconut oil, salt, and a quarter cup of guacamole. The nutrition for this delicious breakfast is 370 calories, 23 gram fat, 4 gram carbohydrates, 1 gram sugar, 2 gram fiber, and 18 gram protein.

After having eggs, your midday will be completed with garlic bacon chicken bites as your lunch. Prepare a chicken breast and cut it out into about 25 pieces. Add 8 sliced bacon and 3 spoons of garlic powder. That menu will you nutrition of 20 calories, 13 gram fat, 5 gram carbohydrates, 2 gram sugar, a gram fiber, and 22 gram protein.

Finally, you may have tuna salad as your keto diet recipes for dinner. Add several kinds of vegetables among your 150 gram tuna. For the taste, you may have lemon, salt, and black pepper on it. The nutrition information of that will be about 480 calories, 40 gram fat, 11 gram carbohydrates, 2 gram sugar, 8 gram fiber, and 45 gram protein.

Special for this second day, you can have a snack of almond butter fudge. That snack can be made from a cup of almond butter and coconut oil, a quarter of coconut milk, and a spoon of vanilla extract.

Day 3

Are you dreaming to have muffins as your breakfast? Yes, you can have it in your third day of keto diet meal plan. Prepare for 3 cups of almond flour, 4 eggs, a cup of bacon bits, a half cup of melted ghee, 2 spoons of lemon thyme, completed with a spoon of baking soda and salt. The nutrition of that breakfast menu is 300 calories, 28 fat, 7 gram carbohydrates, a gram f sugar, 3 gram of fiber, and 11 gram protein.

For your lunch, again you will have salad, but now is combined with sardines in olive oil. Prepare for a can of the sardines. Add small diced cucumber, mustard, lemon juice, and salt. The nutrition you gain is around 260 calories, 20 gram fat, and 25 protein with 0 carbohydrate.

Then, for your dinner, you need to have a bowl of beef curry. Except the beef, you may need to prepare for diced mushroom, curry powder, onion, sliced carrots, garlic, grated ginger, coconut milk, coconut oil, fish sauce, and salt. The nutrition contained is around 440 calories, 33 fat, 11 gram carbohydrates, 2 gram of sugar, 4 gram fiber and 25 gram protein.


The next days can be continued with the mixed menu of each day or combination you love to. Those are only the example of keto diet meal plan you can make. The points on the nutrition contained become the important things of this keto diet. Further, we will discuss more about keto diet food list and the recipes. This will be crucial because food is the main source of the nutrition you need to succeed your keto diet.


Keto Diet Food List
Keto Diet Food List


Diet is not only about losing weight or keeping your body ideal as always. Doing certain diet means paying attention as well to a better health starting from maintaining better food to eat. We may know a popular statement “you are what you eat” that indicates that the food we consume will create who we are, will represent how our body health is. Thus, understanding food list for keto diet is automatically also an effort to understand what is good for our body betterment.

  • Lists for Keto Diet Food Choices

Shortly, keto diet foods can be categorized into vegetables, fruits, meats, organ meats, legumes, fats, fish, seafood, drinks, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, dairy, and other foods. In detail, each example of the categories will be mentioned one by one. Pay attention of the clue so that you can consider your own choice based on your favorite.

For vegetable, the clue is sticking on green leafy veggies. Avoid choosing root veggies because those contain high carbohydrate. The choices you can make for keto diet vegetables are such as on asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, eggplant, garlic, kale, leeks, mushroom, mustard greens, onions, pumpkin, parsley, peppers, seaweed, spinach, tomatoes, and many others. Then, for fruits, there is no limits for this category. You may choose any, but the recommended ones are avocado, olive, all kinds of berries, lemon, and lime. Meats have limitation of course. Too much protein of meats is not good for keto diet plan. The better part of the meat you may eat is the fattier cuts. Beef, chicken, duck, goat, goose, lamb, rabbit, sheep, turkey, sausages, hot dogs, and bacon are all allowed with limited portion in weekly.


Keto Diet Foods
Keto Diet Foods


How about organ meats? Simply it may be seen as the unhealthy food ones. Yet you can still eat them, such as heart, kidney, liver, and tripe of the animals mentioned above. The nutrition of them is irreplaceable. And for real fats nutrition, you may consume avocado oil, cocoa butter, ghee, duck fat, olive oil, coconut oil, red palm oil, walnut oil, and such. Not all kinds of fat sources can be taken as the choice. Only the healthy fat you can consider.

The next category for keto diet foods is fish. This highly nutritious food can be served as well as the delicious ones. What can you eat? Choose mackerel, salmon, tuna, cod, eel, haddock, perch, rock fish, sardines, turbot, sole, red snapper, trout, and talapia. Near to fish, there is also seafood and shellfish category. This food is acknowledged as more expensive. Yet considering the nutrition and the taste, the price is worth it. You can try lobster, crab, oyster, shrimp, squid, caviar, and abalone.

For drinks, it is also important to consider whether what you drink contain any sugar or not. Be careful of the hidden one! Choose several of these to make you safer in consuming: almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, broth, club soda, unsweetened coffee, lemon juice, herbal tea, and the most important one is water, both mineral and seltzer water. Going to nuts, seeds, and legumes category, be aware of choosing peanut because that is not included as the one you can eat for this keto diet. You may choose peas, green beans, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, and cashews. For the seeds, it is nice to eat pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and psyllium seeds.

Herbs and spices also need to be considered in case of avoiding MSG, sugar, and such additional flavor which is not good to add to your menu. Based on the example menu above you may have understood the depiction of natural herbs and spices you can use. Yet here I will mention more so that you have more choices as well. Salt, black and white pepper, chili powder, basil, curry powder, cayenne pepper, sage, rosemary, cumin, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, dill, and cardamom are the herbs and spices you can choose to make your keto diet foods keep on delicious taste.

Can you still eat dairy? The answer is yes, but limited only to ghee. No cheese or even yogurt no matter what. Ghee is the only one dairy which is low carbs and can be eaten over. For category of other foods, there are plenty of choices here that will make you happy. You may eat mayonnaise that is made from good oils, vinegar, eggs, mustard, hot sauce, coconut flour, vanilla extract, fish sauce, gelatin, dark chocolate, monk fruit, and stevia in small amount.

Knowing those keto diet foods will ease you in arranging your keto diet grocery list. You can manage your daily menu by picking up several of those lists into appropriate meal plan. Try to avoid the same menu each day to not become bored of struggling for this diet. You may find difficulties in trying to gain all the lists into your weekly or monthly menu. But you do not need to do that. The point of this diet is calculating the appropriate nutrition you need to fulfill everyday. Thus, it is not about strictly you have to eat this or that. It is more about your creativity in measuring each nutrition you consume each day. The above list of keto diet recipes or vegetables and others are only the limitation for you to not eat the food which can easily destroy your keto diet meal plan. That is also beneficial for you to know that there are plenty of food choice you can consider. It is not only about being vegetarian to eat veggies and fruits as always. You may still eat meats, shellfish, even dairy with the rational limitation. So far, doing keto diet plan sounds easy to do, doesn’t it? And indeed it is.


Keto Diet Grocery List
Keto Diet Grocery List


Go on onto the specific amount of carbs you can eat. This last explanation will take a point of keto diet how many carbs you can consume to make your body into the state of ‘ketosis’. That term refers to a normal condition of the body in which the body does not have enough carbohydrate inside so that the energy will be created by burning the fat. Thus, to reach this state, the detail of the food you are consuming really matters. If once you ignore the rule, then this diet will not work good on you. This ketosis state should be balanced so that the diet will run anytime.

Going back to the exact amount of carbs should be consumed, this will be different from one to another. The limitation depends on many factors so that we can take general limitation of carbs from this keto diet to be ours. Some people may eat more carbs than us, and some others can be less. To know exactly the amount of the carbs for ourselves, we need to understand ourselves more based on several aspects below which do influence how many carbs we can consume.

  1. Keto adaptation on ketone burning

The body which usually burns out glucose will need several time of adaptation to change into burning the fat. The state of ketosis cannot be got as automatically as the diet is started. It needs time for the body to do keto adaptation. If our body, under any circumstances, is good enough in adapting, then the carbs limitation can be higher. But, to keep the diet runs well, before you understand how this happens to our body, we are recommended to keep the carbs we consume each day under 35 grams. This strict rule should be applied until 3 or 5 first month applying.

  1. The exercise we conduct

Changing our daily menu for eating is meant to help our body to reach ketosis state. Another way to boost it up is by doing exercise. Intense body exercises we do will make the ketosis state works more quickly so that we can create acceleration for the diet we are struggling for. We can do the exercise for an hour at least in the morning. Focusing as well on the fulfillment of mineral and re-hydration is also important besides combining the workouts with relax physical activities such as dancing or cycling.

  1. The stress we feel

This can be the difficult thing to control because the center is untouchable in our mind. However, the stress we feel will give the impact of cortisol hormones to increase. This hormone will automatically add up blood sugar level and if it continuously happens, the control of carbs amount we do from the food will be useless. Thus, try to relax in facing any problem you get into your life. Everything will just be fine after you succeed your keto diet.

  1. The protein we consume

Besides limiting the amount of carbs, it is also important to maintain the amount of protein we consume. Although this one nutrition is good for keto diet, we cannot overeat it from any kind of food categories allowed. When the intake  of protein is too much, the energy will be taken from amino acid coming from the protein. The availability of energy source will automatically avoid the state of ketosis that needs to be reached. That is because protein positions itself higher than fat as the energy source. Thus, limit also your protein intake besides the amount of the carbs. Happy keto diet!

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