Keto Diet Vegetables List Guide

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The essential thing about doing diet is not merely about cutting the portion of the eating, but it is more about arranging and limiting certain nutrition to be consumed. In keto diet, the nutrition arrangement consists of 70-80 percent fats, 10-15 percent protein and less than 10 percent carbohydrate. Based on this ideal ratio, you can start to buy your grocery stuff. First you may need to focus more on the meat and fish section. It seems you will need them more during keto diet. Then you can move to keto diet vegetables needs, and continued with fruits, nuts, flax seed.

Keto Diet Vegetables
Keto Diet Vegetables

Seeing the nutrition composition, you may think that this diet is not suitable for vegetarian. Since it is a kind of impossible to fulfill the keto nutrition in vegetarian way. Yet, we should say that you are wrong. Keto diet is possible for vegetarian. There is a specific arrangement on ketogenic diet foods vegetarian and it is still fulfilling the main guide of 70-80% fat. The key is to consume plant based fat which can be found in certain vegetables. Thus if you are a vegetarian and interesting on having keto diet, first of all you need to contact your nutritionist to figure out the needs of your body. Then, if keto is the most suitable method, you can proceed on preparing the food list.

ketogenic diet foods vegetarian
ketogenic diet foods vegetarian

As vegetarian, you need to be careful in choosing your diet food list. Since your menu will be dominated by vegetables, it is suggested that you choose those belongs to low carb vegetables list. It is to keep the essential point of keto diet that is to replace carbohydrate base to fat base. In vegetarian keto version, the fat will be the plant-based fat and enriched with fiber base vegetables. For your vegetables stock, you can have a wide variant start from the greenies broccoli, spinach, kale, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, parsley, leeks, pumpkin, eggplant, tomatoes, and many more. The key to identify low carb vegetables list is by avoiding root veggies and stick to the green leafy veggies. Root veggies contains high carbohydrate which is the enemy of keto diet.

low carb vegetables list
low carb vegetables list
  • Example of Ketogenic Diet Foods Vegetarian

As you just begin the diet program here are some ideas of daily ketogenic diet foods vegetarian. Of course you can combine the menu according your personal taste and preference.

Day 1

Breakfast             : fruit plus oatmeal

Lunch                    : vegetable salad and tempeh

Dinner                  : mixed salad and mushrooms



Day 2

Breakfast             : fruit and high fiber cereal

Lunch                    : mixed green salad with black bean soup

Dinner                  : spinach pie and vegetable salad


Day 3

Breakfast             : mushroom and spinach

Lunch                    : vegetable salad and tofu

Dinner                  : roasted eggplant and spinach


Day 4

Breakfast             : tofu

Lunch                    : vegetables soup

Dinner                  : portobello patties and salad


Day 5

Breakfast             : coffee and smoothies (soy milk allowed)

Lunch                    : pea soup and salad

Dinner                  : vegetable salad and eggplant


Day 6

Breakfast             : spinach and tofu

Lunch                    : collard green and tempeh salad

Dinner                  : mushroom salad and mixed vegetables


Day 7

Breakfast             : strawberry smoothies

Lunch                    : soy egg salad

Dinner                  : vegetable burger

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