Keto Diet Macros and Its Details

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Macro-nutrients (or simply typed ‘macro’) which are needed by our body cannot be only guessed. We need to know it in detail and as precise as possible. The macro-nutrient is not the same as micro-nutrient. For macro, we only calculate the nutrient like carbs and net crabs, the fats and calories, and the protein. Sometimes we add the fiber, too. Well, not all kinds of diet need the same treatment as this special diet program. Keto diet macros is crucial because keto diet has the limitation on each nutrient can be consumed per day. Seeing the average percentage of the big three nutrients (carbs, protein, and fats), we will find the number of each around 70 – 80 percent will be for fats, 10 – 15 percent for protein, and less than 10 percent, usually only 5, for carbs.

The first step you need to know when you want to start keto diet is calculating how much foods based on its nutrients you should eat. Without knowing this, you will be hard to know how to gain the ketosis state. Ketosis is the state when your diet is start working. Before this state is achieved, your diet will not even be started. That is why, macros for keto diet calculating is a must to follow and if you want to know how it works, just continue reading here before calculating.


Keto Diet Macros
Keto Diet Macros


Remember that the three influenced Macro-nutrients related to keto diet are only carbs, fats, and protein. In case of creating ketosis state, those three macros have their own consequent effects, especially for hormones and blood glucose. One by one we will discuss them based on the point of ketogenic and anti-ketogenic percentages. Fats take a big part for ketosis because fats are only 10% anti-keto while the 90% of it is ketogenic. This is because fats released a very little amount of glucose when it is converted into triglycerides. Then, proteins are 55% anti-ketogenic and 45% ketogenic. The reason behind this percentage is because insulin will rise a half level during protein ingestion when it is converted to glucose molecule. The last, carbs are sadly 100% anti-ketogenic because they totally cause glucose and insulin creation in the body.

Controlling the intake of proteins and carbs will help the ketosis state to start earlier. Do not worry of losing the glucose or insulin income. The point in taking foods to your body is actually to give you energy. Ketosis state is actually a natural, process of our body to create the energy as well. The difference is, if it is usually the body takes glucose as the main energy source, for now on the energy will be gained from the ketones created from the fats breakdown. This is only the matter of changing the source without changing the main goal.


Keto Diet Weight Loss

I can say that abundant of people have got the best result of their target by processing keto diet. The diet program they did also is only about losing their wight. As long as they get used to eat healthy foods, they admit that they are enjoying the diet as if it was not a difficult program that they need to be over soon. The diet guidance they follow have shown that the key to gain weight loss is practicing healthy life. In case of being healthy is having ideal body mass, weight loss will come eventually as the bonus besides the healthier body you get as he whole.


Keto Diet Weight Loss
Keto Diet Weight Loss



It is true that doing any diet program is not a catalyst to only be slim. Dieting means eating well. Dieting means regularly doing exercises. Dieting means keeping positive thoughts and relax minds. Those are to make your body to be physically and psychologically healthy. If you only stick on reducing your weight, you will have no more commitment when you find that your weight is still. Nothing changes on your scales and you get mad. You will be easy to stop your diet and you eventually will go back to your ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle. Here we need to start every step we do by thinking that the weight loss is only the good side effect of the lifestyle changing we are starting from now.

Talking about keto diet weight loss, the number of people who have succeeded on it cannot be counted of course. Their results are incredible. One of them can lose weight until 40 kilograms in only a month. Another one has successfully lost 79 kilograms within months and stick on her ideal body. I believe how that changes have given them benefits a lot to their health, and their appearance as well. Their self confidence is automatically increased and they can now move their body easier. They can do more exercises, run and bike longer without too much fats on their body.

Reddit is one of those people who has done well on his keto diet weight loss. He now looks more handsome, more cheerful, more active, and healthier to be exact. From his successful story in doing keto diet, many people then try to follow what he has done and practice keto diet as well. Many people get inspired but not all of them are patient to the process. Reddit himself had gained his ideal body after 11 months. That is not a short period of time to apply new menu everyday. Yet, Reddit worked on it patiently and finally can lose weight within less than a year duration. Now, Reddit’s followers have reached the number of 400,000 people. That is a huge number of people conducting diet as the same time, as the same program, and at the same community. Yes, they are gathered under the name of Reddit keto diet community or also usually called Reddit’s users as his followers.

Being persistent in doing diet program is admitted to be difficult. Some researches even have proven that 95% of the people who have tried to start dieting, they were failed and stopped after several of days or weeks. Starting a diet program is indeed not easy, so that it is helpful to have internal motivation that what we are going to reach is not only based on appearance, but the more important is on our body betterment.


Vegan Keto Diet Plan in A Week

Are you a vegetarian and have a problem in having over-weight? This may sound rare since vegans do not eat meat which is believed as the source of high fat causing obesity and such. In fact, that thing really happens. Many of vegetarians are also struggling for their weight lose. The reason behind that shocking reality is because several of vegans people are typical of those who choose to consume more carbs besides the veggies. In case of the glucose created from the carbs is not changed into energy, the glucose molecule then cause weight problem.

Vegan Keto Diet Plan
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For a vegetarian people, standard keto diet absolutely does not work on them. The obligation to eat more meats will definitely not match to their eating rules. Thus, there must be certain or special diet keto plan for vegans. This proves that this keto diet can be done by anyone, including vegetarian people. This diet is even practiced by patients of chronic diseases, such as diabetes type 1 and Parkinson. They do ketogenic lifestyle as their treatment which at the end give them bonus in weight loss.

To ease vegetarian people do vegan keto diet plan, here I will share complete menu to consume within 7 days. The menu will be served based on its category: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you think the exact menu is difficult to get around you, you may choose another one which is still similar, especially from its nutrient point of view.


Day 1

Breakfast         : fruit and cereal (choose ones contain high fiber)

Lunch              : green salad mixed with black bean soup

Dinner             : spinach pie and veggies salad


Day 2

Breakfast         : fruit plus oatmeal

Lunch              : veggies salad and tempeh

Dinner             : mixed salad and mushrooms


Day 3

Breakfast         : mushroom and spinach

Lunch              : tofu and veggies salad

Dinner             : spinach and roasted eggplant


Day 4

Breakfast         : tofu

Lunch              : veggies soup

Dinner             : salad and portobello patties


Day 5

Breakfast         : tofu and spinach

Lunch              : tempeh salad and collard greens

Dinner             : mixed veggies and mushrooms salad


Day 6

Breakfast         : coffee and smoothies (use soy milk)

Lunch              : pea soup and salad

Dinner             : eggplant and veggie salad


Day 7

Breakfast         : strawberry smoothies

Lunch              : soy egg salad

Dinner             : veggies burger


You may add snacks each day with various of these choices: olive tapenade, pine nuts, cucumber slices, assorted raw veggies, spinach pesto, whole grain crackers, sun-dried celery and tomatoes, or veggies spring roles.

Those are not the menus that will create a boundary for you. You can do innovation of each menu as the typical veggies you like. Try to be always open to make different foods so that you can go with this keto diet plan well. Do not push yourself when the menu is really not you want to eat. If you push yourself, that will have the impact on your psyche. Although what you eat is healthy, that will not impact maximally to your health because your mind does not tell so. Love what you eat and eat what you love by still considering the keto diet menu rules.

Related to those weekly menu, you may raise a question about coffee. If you are wondering how to make a cup of coffee which is low carb and good for your keto diet, here I will share you the things to pay attention in making keto diet coffee. Do not worry to leave your coffee. You still can grab it weekly in the morning by considering these things to your list actions.

  • Choose the real coffee beans

The choice you can make is robusta or arabica. These two choices will you unflavored coffee beans which will also allow you to taste the natural flavors of real coffee.

  • Avoid using milk

Although milk is not considered as low carb drink, this one beverage contains much amount of sugar inside. The alternative you can take to substitute the milk is heavy cream. Besides low carb, heavy cream is also high fat. Heavy cream is like a gold for keto dieters. The taste is delicious and it has rich nutrients which is appropriate for keto.

  • Act as a barista

This is the best step you have to do. If it is in your own way, you can choose the combination of proper coffee or its cream. No need machine to create delicious coffee. Just blend it as you can do and meet your special flavor in low carb and high fat. You can also make use of cinnamon, cocoa powder or vanilla extract to enrich the taste.

Back to vegan keto diet plan, that really relates to high fiber on each item. Applying the high fiber foods to your daily menu will give a great impact on your digestion. One of the keto diet side effects is constipation. The solution for that case is increasing the intake of fiber foods. Thus, as you go with your keto diet menu, you will also get the good side effect on your digestion process to be better. But remember to only choose high-fiber foods which are also low carbs.

Having lack of fiber on our body will give bad impact on the last process of digestion. This problem may disturb you for feeling uncomfortable and however feeling unwell. To get the solution of that problem, you need to increase your fiber supplement. There are several keto diet fiber supplements you can choose. Yet, here I will give overview of the best three of them.


Keto Diet Fiber
Keto Diet Fiber


The first is psyllium husk. This one supplement is taken from the seeds of husks. It is known as a laxative which which works naturally in our body. That is enough to be a reason why this supplement is appropriate for constipation trouble which may come as the side effect of keto diet you are you doing. If you think this supplement will interfere your keto diet, you are wrong. Basically, you can consume until 35 grams of carbs each day. Although psyllium husk contains carbs as well, the number is too low, less than 2 grams per its serving. Thus, your keto diet will be just alright even though you consume it daily.

The second is acacia Senegal. This is taken from a tree native which grows in Africa, especially Sudan. The function is to treat any trouble coming from digestive phases. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, and totally organic. Once it works inside our body, it will make the amount of gut flora in our digestive track increasing. This supplement has a plus point to treat the chronic issues of digestion as well. So, for keto diet, this low carb supplement may help in dealing with your constipation.

Last but not least, the third keto diet fiber supplement is flax seeds. This supplement is a standard for those who look for low carb the plus point, flax seeds also contain omega 3 fatty acids which is suitable for keto diet practice. The function of that nutrient is to stabilize blood pressure and to increase heart’s health. flax seeds contain only about 3 grams of carbs per serving which are still far from the keto dieters limitation in consuming carbs per day – 35 grams. This supplement also can be consumed together with other foods, for instances eggs, meats, salads, and even smoothies. You will not feel that you are taking supplement to your body as you eat delicious food from your keto diet menu.

Besides taking one of those keto diet fiber supplements, we need to pay attention as well to the additional tips below. Sometimes, although we have taken the supplement, the problem is just still. That may be because of ourselves which are still lack of these tips. Try to fulfill of of these, keto dieters!

  1. Enough water, do not drink less than 2.5 liters a day.
  2. Exercise more, your regular in high intensity workouts will make your abdominal muscles stronger and at the same time move your intestinal muscles.
  3. Enough electrolyte, pay attention of your nutrient intake, especially for magnesium, sodium, and potassium.
  4. Quality sleeping, the lack of sleeping can give bad influence to your digestive tracts.


Keto Diet Dangers: Ketoacidosis

What is ketoacidosis? That is the term refers to the condition in which the ketone production within ketosis state is too high. This condition is not normal to happen keto dieters. The common case of ketoacidosis is happening to those with diabetic type 1 when the insulin levels do not require the minimum amount safe for the patient. People with normal pancreas will not experience the same thing. So, keto diet dangers are not totally correct at the first place.

The problems on keto diet usually happen to those who are not consistent in keeping their foods consumption. We know there are plenty of diet programs. One of them is low-fat diet which is the opposite of this ketogenic dieting. People who practice both dieting at the same time will not gain the maximal result for both. As the consequence, they will have it in trouble. The carbs they eat will be changed into glucose and at the end as the energy. Fats which are also consumed, will be nothing since the energy has been fulfilled from the glucose molecule. This may raise higher fat in the body and cause them to be fatter. For this case, of course the mistake is not coming from keto diet.

The keto flu you may experience on the first week, such as aggravation, headache, dizziness, or mental fogginess, cannot be said as something cause dangers to your body. Those are just temporary side effects which will disappear after few days only. This things are common to happen when you try to change your body metabolism. And it can be one symptom that actually the new diet you are doing is going to work. That means your body gives respond to it and your efforts, in the first line, are not useless. Keep it going and enjoy every single day you are facing. As time goes by, you will get used to it and find that the keto diet you are doing is just easy. Good luck!

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