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People who decide to lose their wight must have passed difficult times in their living. It is not something easy to have overweight on the body and that is why we are going to help you. We understand how that can make you more interesting, increase your self confidence and the most important point is to make you more healthy. Doing any diet requires you to change your lifestyle, not only about what you eat, but also what you do and how you think about it. That is why, keto diet and exercise come along together to make what you expect comes true earlier. The combination of those both aspects will help you a lot to gain more effective result.


Keto Diet And Exercise
Keto Diet And Exercise


Doing something new is so much more interesting if we know what and why things about it. Although it is possible to only become a follower, but I recommend you to not do that kind of thing. The reason is simple. You will be easy to leave it because you have no own reason to commit. It is easy for you to decide the reverse action. Yet, if the willingness comes from your own internal then you try to look for it in detail, you will grow your own spirit inside and you will have more commitment to keep. You know the reasons why you do the diet. So, are you ready to know more about this simple keto diet?


  • What Is A Keto Diet?

The name of keto diet may not be familiar to you. Keto diet is the short term of ketogenic diet. This diet believes that the effective way to lose weight is by using the fat bank in the body as the energy. This diet will make metabolic system in which the presence of high fat is the most important one. At the same time, the presence of carbs in the body is refused. Literally, only a bit amount of it is allowed to consume everyday. Seeing the percentage, only about 5 – 10% of carbs can be eaten while until about 75% will be coming from the high fat foods. Thus, another name of this diet is also LCHF diet which refers to low carbs high fat, the basic needs to make this diet work.

What Is A Keto Diet
What Is A Keto Diet


Why should the presence of the carbs be pushed? It is no secret for anyone who understands biological science that the carbs we eat will be transformed into glucose which is considered as the first energy source for the body. If the carbs is there as always without absence, the energy will always make from this one nutrient. While diet is going to make use of fats, so the work of glucose needs to be stopped. Then, automatically, the second energy source, which is fat, will be used to create energy for the body. Simple analogy, isn’t it?

The goal of this diet is creating ketosis state in the body. What is ketosis? Ketosis is the condition where your body is trying to survive although the carbs intake is counted low. If that state is achieved, our body will produce ketones. Ketones are the the molecule result from the breakdown phases of fats happened in the liver. This simple keto diet will work from that new metabolic state in which you starve from the carbs. Your energy will be coming from the ketones creation. So do not worry of being starving or losing your spirit to be active everyday.


  • Keto Adapted Diet

Is keto diet right for you? I know that not all diets will match well to anyone. That really depends on the one’s condition. Yet, in keto diet, the adaptation phase will first goes to our body. Did you know? Our body is really adaptive to what we eat, to what we give inside it. If we put carbs into eat, it automatically changes into glucose without our command. Then how if we change it into fats? Does it need our command to change the reaction? Absolutely not. Our body knows how to react so that it is not something to cause trouble. The side effect may appear, and that is what we call keto flu.

Keto flu is the experience you may have after starting this diet program in your first days. What is the cause of this? I can say that the cause is just because our body try to get used to it, something new which we put into it. Do not think that keto flu indicates the diet does not fit on you. That is just direction of cure and will last for only a few days. The common keto flu you will feel mainly around headache, cramps, fatigue, nausea, etc. The good news is there are ways you can do to minimize that side effect by understanding your condition.

One of the keto adapted diet to cause you flu is its diuretic character. You will go to your bathroom more times than usual and I suggest you not to hold back in urinating. Drink more mineral water to make this phase runs better. Besides, we have to understand that the phase changing from high carbs into high fat will make our body creates certain enzymes to make it balance. That transitional period will also give impact to our brain to be low in working so that fatigue and headache will be there. If this flu happens to you, try to reduce your carbs consumption little by little, not all at once from 85% to 5%. That may be too extreme for several people, including you if you experience this flu character. Reduce it into 60%, 40%, 25%, until your body gets used to it properly. This proves how simple keto diet is.

Going further, we will discuss about other side effects you may experience besides the headache or fatigue because of lowering brain work. The first another common side effects is cramps. This is quiet common to attack your leg part as you start it for several first days. The time of its occurrence is mostly in the morning or at night. The cause of this side effect is because your body has lack of magnesium or mineral in general. You can consume more salt on your food as the magnesium supplement so that you can reduce the cramps on your legs.

The second common side effects is constipation. The cause of this side effect is the same as keto diet has the character of diuretic. Constipation case will appear to your day as you have no enough water to your body. Yes, dehydration is the cause. Thus, to get rid of this side effect you need to drink enough or more mineral water, usually at least 2.5 liter. Yet the fatter body may need more. The more you consume will be better. Besides, the cause also can be from the lack of fiber you eat daily. Consume more veggies contain good fiber and have no starchy will be the appropriate step to do. Combining both two solutions will effectively get you rid of the issue.

Another side effect of keto adapted diet is the less energy you have for your daily activities. This is common since our body is busy in transitioning our body metabolism. The right reaction to this side effect is reducing our physical performance. We do not need to push ourselves as it will give another side effect on our physics. Better to wait until we feel that our body has adapted well to the new way of metabolism. After the successful shift, we will have our normal energy as before although the source has been different.

The explanation above is included as one of the keto diet rules when you are just starting this diet and experience keto flu and its side effects. More than that, the rules that you need to follow are mostly based on the lists of ‘to eat’ and ‘not to eat’ foods.


  • Keto Diet Foods

It is still acknowledged that doing keto diet with low carb and high fat foods is challenging – if we do not want to say that difficult. I cannot deny to agree with that, especially if the one who is involved is still new in managing his daily menu. Moreover, this keto diet requires real high fat food which is actually hard to fulfill because what is there around us is those unreal high fat food. In other words, the fat needs to this diet is the healthy one, real healthy high fat foods ones. That sounds complicated, isn’t it? But trust me that s not as complicated as it is heard. You will find how easy it is to start by understanding the right menu you can prepare to fulfill your daily need of eating.

The pattern in choosing keto diet foods is eating real foods with high fat inside. Why should be real healthy foods? We need to understand that doing certain diet is really about increasing our body health. What our body needs forever will be those which are good for it, for every single organs in it. Thus, picking up gluten free, dairy free, or sweetener free foods will be your new habit in choosing what you are going to put into your body.

Let us set the parameter of the foods you need to avoid. Those are not only foods with high carbs. You need to avoid as well foods containing colourings and those which are processed a lot in the factory. That is important because most of those foods contains less nutrient that is not good for our body. Remember that doing a diet is not only to have weight loss, it is prioritizing healthier lifestyle to deem.

There are several kinds of foods you can eat freely based on keto diet rules. Those foods are categorized as animal sources. The limit of the animals is based on what they eat. Better to choose animals eating grass and several others which are wild. The grass-fed animals are such as goat, lamb, and cow. While the wild animals are merely to fish and seafood. Try to not choose farmed fish. Other foods you can eat freely are healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, and beverages. The healthy fats are limited to unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. The examples in order are chicken fat, lard, goose fat, coconut oil, ghee, duck fat, tallow, butter, olive oil, avocado oil, and fatty fish. Non-starchy vegetables will be like spinach, chives, lettuce, endive, and such under the character of leafy greens. Cucumber, asparagus, kale, and celery also good instances to vary your menu. For fruits, the greatest choice is avocado. And for beverages are limited to water, coffee, and herbal tea.

The next category is the foods you can eat occasionally. Here we have all kinds of fruits and vegetables except what I have mentioned above. The examples of the fruits are berries, olives, and coconut. While the veggies will be around cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, eggplants, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and okra. Nuts and seeds also also included in this category. You are welcomed to eat almonds and hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Grain-fed animals are also here. You can consume eggs, beef, and ghee. Dairy products like cream, cheese, and sour cream. I suggest you to avoid similar products labeled as ‘low-fat’. Most of those products are packed with high sugar and abundant starch although the fat is low. As the alternatives, you can choose soy products which so far I think those are safer though still presented from factory packaging.

Going to the last category is the foods you need to avoid. The characters are high in carbs, foods from processing, and meats from factory-farmed. This may be shocking because you cannot eat all grains foods. Those are included oats, wheat, rice, barley, bulgur, millet, corn, and sprouted grains. The following up products made from grains are also banned. Those can be bread, crackers, pizza, pasta, cookies, and such. How about sweets and sugar? A big no for those two foods. You cannot eat cakes, syrup, ice cream, sugar, pudding, and soft drinks. The foods from processing also needs to avoid because most of them contain MSG, carrageenan, BPAs, sulphites, and wheat gluten. Alcohol and sweet drinks are also no to drink. Forget about beer, cocktails, wine, and any drinks you can taste the taste.

Among your eating time, I am sure you will be more difficult in preparing your dinner. So here I will help you by giving several keto diet dinner recipes which will ease you in dealing with it. What is your favorite food? I know this is not a matter of again what you love or what you want to eat. It is now about what you should eat. But that does not close the possibility to gain the menu you love to. As long as we know the way to keep the nutrient we need, we can modify the menu to be as lovely as it looks like. And we can keep it as delicious as how our mouth tastes it.


Keto Diet Dinner Recipes
Keto Diet Dinner Recipes


The first keto diet dinner recipes you may try is mi-so salmon. Who does not like salmon? This expensive fish surely becomes favorite of many people in the world. If you are one of them, then you can try it out as your first menu. Prepare the salmon for two days. Marine it into the mix of mi-so, sake, and white wine. After two days, you can just cook it. The recipe deals well with salad or seafood tacos you can put on the sides or under the salmon.

The second menu you can try is almond zoodle bowl. This tutorial will help you in making 3 servings. So you can share to your roommates of family this delicious diet keto dinner menu. Alright, let’s just start it. For the zoodle, you need to prepare 2 zucchini in medium size, a half cup of sliced mushrooms, a cup of broccoli, and a teaspoon sesame oil. For the sauce, prepare a quarter cup of almond butter, two tablespoons of soy sauce, sesame oil, and garnish. A teaspoon of red pepper is also needed. Do not forget to also add a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder. Move to the execution. Prepare the zoodle and the sauce separately. After that, simply pour the sauce to the top of your zoodle which has been there on the bowl. The nutrition facts of that menu for each serving are 276 calories, 6 grams of net carbs, 24 grams fat and 8 grams protein.

What else do you love? Tuna? Okay, we are going to make it as our next keto diet dinner recipes. The name of this recipe is keto tuna casserole. Tuna casserole is many people favorite dinner recipe. And if it is your favorite too, now you just need to modify it based on keto diet rules you have known, especially from the food aspects. Although it is now usually made with peas, I think that is not enough to fulfill how keto diet foods should be. We need to add more veggies and fats on it. Are you ready? This is the recipe to make keto tuna casserole in 3 servings. What you need to prepare are 1.5 packages of shirataki noodles, a half can of tuna, a half cup of heavy whipping cream, a quarter cup of carrots, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar cheese. Add also a quarter teaspoon xanthan gum and enough salt and pepper for its taste. You can add almond flour if you want. To execute, it is not so much different from creating tuna casserole in general. You just need to prioritize the veggies first to cook.

Considering the foods you eat is related to the total macro-nutrients you should consume in reaching the state of ketosis. Keto diet macro calculator which can precisely show the number of exact macro-nutrients is the best choice to see how you can manage your daily intake. Each person will show different result. Thus, you have to count it by yourself and give as detail data as you can. You can find it easily in several websites by simply tying the keyword of keto diet macro calculator. The result will be influenced as well by your activities. If you are active in doing exercises, you may have not-really-strict menu to consume everyday. That is why combining keto diet and exercises is important.

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