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Are you considering to start your keto diet? I bet you have consulted to your nutritionist about the point of ketogenic, or simply called keto diet. The thing is to control the number of calories coming in to our body system. If our body finds that there is no sufficient calorie to burn for energy so they will unpack the stock fat and burn it into the needed energy. The change of habit may affect your activity in the beginning. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing what to eat on a ketogenic diet in order to keep your body still fit and have enough nutrition to do the activity. As a beginning follow the keto diet food list as your reference what to buy in the groceries. Later on you can have your own combination of your diet food list.




Your food list will be strongly affected by your keto diet meal plan. If you already know what menu you will have for several days to go, it will be easier to write down your food list to have in your fridge. The following meal plan is the common starter kick for keto diet.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast Green smoothie Guacamole Egg Muffin
Lunch Steak Salad Bacon chicken bites Sardines salad
Dinner Pan-fried fish Tuna Salad Beef curry
Snack Almond butter fudge


It is the typical keto diet meal plan for beginner. Now that you have the menu for some days to go, you can start arranging your keto diet food list.

Breakfast Food List

To start your day, you can have either a high protein or high fiber menu. Thus green smoothie or boiled egg will be great choice. Make fresh green vegetables available in your fridge is a must for doing keto diet. Keep bunch of spinach, kale, carrot, celery, broccoli, and their friends in your vegetables box. Put some nuts such as almond, cashew, or Brazilian nuts in your smoothie to make protein and good fat available in your breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner Food List

You may interchange the menu between lunch and dinner i.e salad and protein. If you choose salad as your lunch menu you then you will have high protein menu for your dinner. To make your nutrition sufficient, put a sprinkle of fish or organic protein source such as tempeh or avocado. Remember keto diet is already cutting your carbohydrates supply in significant amount, so you need to help your body to survive the adaptation by providing some substitution. Protein is the nutrients chosen by keto diet system to be balance the body nutrition needs.


For you who have snacking habit, there are some choice you can take including ready-to-eat and homemade ketogenic diet snacks list.

Ready-to-eat category covers many kinds of nut such as macadamia, almond, cashew, cocoa nibs, unsweetened dark chocolate, string cheese, avocados, pepperoni, beef jerky, and some others.

While the homemade type basically will depend on your creativity to cook your own food. Just remember the suggested ingredients. Your snack must contain 70 to 80% must contain good fat, 20-25% protein and less than 10% of carbohydrates. Happy cooking!

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