Detailed Keto Diet Meal Plan Ideas

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Every person needs different amount of nutrients from food. This different need requires every one of us to count personal nutrient needs and adjust the meal plan. The nutrient needs will carefully count if you are considering to do diet program such as keto diet. Your nutrients need (calculated based on your sex, activities, and current weight) will be the main consideration to arrange keto diet meal plan. Generally, keto meal plan consists of 70%- 80% fats, 10%-15% protein, and less than 5% for carbo. For detailed meal plan, keep up with the following discussion.

The goal of keto diet meal plan itself is to deliver your body to be in ketosis state. It is a condition in which your diet starts working where the energy is from fat and not carbo. To achieve this condition, you need to prepare the diet meal plan. In the beginning of the diet you may experience keto diet side effects such as mood swing and a bit powerless due to the changing on the source of energy that usually comes from glucose of carbo and now it comes from fats. As the time goes by your body will adjust to the current eating habit.


Keto Diet Meal Plan
Keto Diet Meal Plan


Typical Ketogenic Diet Recipes for The First Three Days

If you are still have no idea on what should be include in your meal in the approximately proper ratio for your keto diet, this is the typical ketogenic diet recipes you can take some inspiration from. The calories for each meal is around 300 calories and it is enough to supply your daily activities (common busy activities).


Day 1

Breakfast             : Veggies smoothie

Lunch                    : Salad steak

Dinner                  : Pan fried fish (salmon or cod)


Day 2

Breakfast             : Egg guacamole

Lunch                    : Garlic bacon chicken bites

Dinner                  : Tuna salad with veggies


Day 3


Breakfast             : Almond flour muffin

Lunch                    : Sardines salad

Dinner                  : Beef curry


If you are leading a vegetarian way, you may rise a question how could I do this diet since 70 – 80% of the nutrients is fat. Do not worry we have keto diet plan vegetarian for you. For some of us, it sounds funny that a vegetarian still do diet, but for healthier body why not?


Day 1

Breakfast             : fruit and cereal (have a high fiber nutrient one)

Lunch                    : green salad and black bean soup (mixed)

Dinner                  : Spinach pie and vegetables salad


Day 2

Breakfast             : mushroom and spinach

Lunch                    : vegetables salad and tempeh

Dinner                  : spinach and roasted eggplant


Day 3

Breakfast             : tofu

Lunch                    : vegetables soup

Dinner                  : salad and Portobello patties


See, keto diet is possible for vegetarian also. Some additional snacks such as pine nuts, spinach pesto, whole grain crackers, veggies spring rolls, assorted raw veggies are possible to add in your daily meal.

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