Breakfast Keto Diet Recipes Recommendation for Beginners

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Are you in your first week of your keto diet program? How do you feel? Have you (your body) have been adjusted to your new lifestyle? You may need a little longer time to adjust the new habit. It is alright then you don’t need to rush since a good diet is about changing the lifestyle not a temporal fasting which will bring you permanent result. If you want more permanent result, you need to permanently adjust the lifestyle too. To help you to keep up with the new habit, creating a good breakfast menu may help you keeping the mood for a day. You can try to check some breakfast recommendation from keto diet recipes list.


keto diet recipes
keto diet recipes


Just like the big line of keto diet, which is cutting your carbohydrate into the minimum level, and provide more allocation on consuming fat, typical keto diet menu will be dominated with vegetables, fish, meat, and some source of good fat such as avocado and some nut and seed. Your meal timeline will be around green veggies smoothies for breakfast, salad, fish and meat, for lunch and dinner, and a wise amount of keto snack in your spare time.

The thing you must realize when doing keto diet is not about which food is allowed to eat and which one is forbidden. The focus is to reshaping or maintaining the ideal body shape and weight, so we give the the body enough nutrient to grow. The different kind and amount of nutrient may give some keto diet side effect such as loss of energy, leg cramps, changes in bowel habits, loss of salts, and keto-flu. All of the side effect is temporal and will be go away as the time goes by. It is a sign that your body is adjusting to the new way of lifestyle and digesting.


What to Eat for Breakfast While Doing Keto Diet?

Breakfast is such an important thing. A good feeling while having breakfast will keep your mood along the day. Therefore, have the best of keto recipes for breakfast. Here are some breakfast alternatives based on typical keto diet menu.


  1. Smoothies

You can choose either spinach or kale as the main ingredient. You can also have both in one blender. Mix it with a cup of coconut milk, 2 brazilian nut (cashew or other kind of nut or seed),10 almonds, a scoop of grass green powder.

This green smoothie will serve 380 calories, 13 gram carbo, 30 gram fat, 3 gram sugar, 12 gram protein, and 8 gram fiber.


  1. Egg guacamole

This menu consists of 3 eggs, a spoon of coconut oil, salt, and a quarter cup of guacamole. Boil the egg until done, cut in half, stir fry using coconut oil. Serve with guacamole and added salt if necessary.

This menu provides 370 calories, 23 gram fat, 4 gram of carbo, 18 gram protein, 1 gram sugar and 2 gram fiber.


  1. Muffin

Have 3 cups of almond flour, 4 eggs, a cup of bacon, a half cup of melted ghee, 2 spoons of lemon thyme, and a spoon of baking soda and salt. Process it as usual into a muffin.

This muffin will give you 300 calories, 28 gram fat, 1 gram of sugar, 3 gram of fiber, 7 gram carbo, and 11 gram of protein.

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